Lego's Intro - by SalmonTheHero

Lego's Intro - by SalmonTheHero

Who is This?

LegoSetCreator (A.K.A. Timmy Mucho) is The Second Youngest Member in The Salmon's Crew! He is Also the Third Member to Join!

LegoSetCreator does Vlogs and Lego Video's On His Youtube Channel, Sometimes an Occasional Gaming Video!


LegoSetCreator is The Second Youngest Member, The Third Member, and The Only Youtube Vlogger the Salmon's Crew has!

LegoSetCreator is SalmonTheHero 's Little Brother!

LegoSetCreator is Really Agressive and Sometimes hard to Work with, This is Bad for Crew Projects!

LegoSetCreator's Real Name is Not Timmy Mucho! 'o'