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Who is This?

RoboPegaCorn is The Fifth Member To Join The Salmon's Crew! RoboPegaCorn Joined the Salmon's Crew shortly after TacoTime190 did.

RoboPegaCorn has Left The Crew 5 Times!

1. SalmonTheHero banned him for Abuse!

2. SalmonTheHero Supported Tom.

3. Rodney Cotinuously Called out and Cussed out SalmonTheHero. We Call this Fight, "TacoHero" (He Continously said How Tom changed Salmon)

4. He didn't want to be In The Crew, Nuff Said.

5. Rodney Assumed SalmonTheHero was Always Lying to him.

Rodney Never Joined, and never plans to Join the Crew Again!

What Happened to "Rodney?"

After The Constant Fighting with RoboPegaCorn, Rodney Left, Never to Join Again!

The Salmon's Crew has a Fear that he has a Future Laid on Stopping Salmon's Crew.

RoboPegaCorn Released a Skyblock Video Telling his Fans that He Left The Crew, In Result He Swore later in the Video.

Rodney Has Changed alot After Joining, and eventually Started Swearing! Rodney Wants Nothing to do With Salmon's Crew.