SalmonTheHero Wikia

Who is This?

SalmonTheHero (A.K.A. Phoenix B. Bagwell) is The Creative Founder of The Salmon's Crew!

SalmonTheHero Originally went as Salmonhero, You can see this as His Minecraft Username as Well! His old Account was Banned for Unknown Reasons, and Now goes by SalmonTheHero!


SalmonTheHero Was Born in Lakenheath England on October, 6th 2001, but His Parent's weren't British, so neither is He!

SalmonTheHero was Born with the Hair that goes in One Bloodline, The Queen of England has it too! This Probably Means, SalmonTheHero is in someway Related to The Queen!

SalmonTheHero's username is Inspired by a Japanese Tale, of a Salmon with Actions of a Ninja!